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Where are your POS stations located? 

I suppose a better question would be where SHOULD your POS stations be located?   This blog came about as a comment from one of our Customer Service technicians.  They each talk to hundreds of different stores a year and have a different perspective on what goes on in a store.

They brought this up in our last meeting because they run into a lot of people that give no through as to placement.  I’m not talking ergonomics here – I’m talking safety and longevity!

Places to avoid putting the POS:

  • Right next to the hand washing sink.
  • Right next to the dish washing sink.
  • Any sink! 
  • Ovens – Please don’t back the computer right up against your super hot conveyor oven!
  • Under the counter, behind the stack of paper napkins with zero airflow.
  • On the floor that is mopped once a day.
  • Anyplace where the computer looks like it is balancing on edge.

These may seem a bit silly but we run into them!  The thing you want to look for is some kind of airflow around the machine – It does not need to be on a shelf by itself but don’t cram it in there either!

So call us before you put the POS in place and we will help you understand what will make your life easier!

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