July 28th, 2014 by Mike Spence

Have you heard of Buddy Punching?  You might not be familiar with the term but you have probably experienced it in your store.

Buddy Punching is when an employee has their buddy clock them in or out.  This results in time keeping theft.  In other words, you are paying an employee when they are not in the store!

A fingerprint ID unit can certainly stop this type of theft from occurring.  They are inexpensive, safe and reliable.  Beyond that, they are the only real, effective, method of stopping buddy punching.   There is another type of employee time theft that can happen however.  It occurs when someone of authority edits their own or another employees time.
Recently, we had a customer that caught a manager changing her clock out time by 30 minutes every shift.  This customer used our Time Keeping Audit report to track this and catch the offending manager.
In the example below, employee code 7 changed the clock out time for James Smith.

Desc         Employee                  Date In     Time In   Date Out     Time Out   WS
Bef.Edit     1 SMITH, JAMES      7/25/14      2:05p     7/25/14       2:14p         1 ( 2:15p 7/25/14 7)
Aft.Edit      1 SMITH, JAMES      7/25/14      2:05p     7/25/14       4:00p         1 ( 2:15p 7/25/14 7)

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April 18th, 2013 by Mike Spence

SelbySoft has added a new feature for those of you using our Corporate package, Corporate Reporting Only package or our Enterprise software.    We now have the ability to automatically include the ticket audit reporting and send it to your corporate computer.  While this information has always been available, we wanted to make it easier for owners to receive it when they are offsite.

The ticket audit reports are an effective way of staying on top of potential theft issues.

Call us for more information on how to add this to your existing Corporate package.


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December 13th, 2012 by Mike Spence

2013 is almost upon us!  Let’s take a look at three end of the year tips for SP-1.


1) Make an offsite backup of your data today.   Yes, if you are on a support plan with SelbySoft we backup your data nightly.  It still makes sense to have a complete backup of your data available on a USB drive or stored on a computer at home or the office just in case.    It is not difficult to do and our support department is here to help.

2) Review your menu sales.  Take a minute and run your Business Summary report so you can look at how effective your menu item sales are.  This is are great way to check and see if you need to rework the menu!

3) Check your timekeeping audit.  SP-1 records an audit log every time employee hours are changed in the master files section of SP-1.


Call us if you need more information!

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