Interested in Gift Cards?

Custom Gift Cards

Interested in ordering gift cards?  Don’t forget to think about custom gift cards.  Too many people go with a  generic card that does not remind the customer of your unique business. Having your logo on the card increases the likely hood that they will remember you.

What if you don’t have artwork for the logo etc?  There are other ways to target your customers with the gift card design without having to spend a ton of money on graphic design.   

One common method is to put a high quality picture of your primary coffee or food on the front.  Nothing reminds us better than an image of the product we love.   There are even plenty of websites that offer royalty free pictures for anything from $2.00 to $50.00 for the pictures.  These are usually really high quality digital photos.

Other customers have simply taken a high quality picture of the location itself and used that for the front of the card. This is a great way to promote your cards as your customers recognize the building and the signage.

The back of the card is a great opportunity to market and promote as well.  Don’t be afraid to wrap the color that you use on the card around to the back of the card as well.   When a customer looks in their wallet, we want them to associate the color on the back of that card with your location.

Don’t hesitate to look at for some examples of custom gift cards! 

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