Forced Modifiers (how to up sell)

Forced Modifiers, Up Selling and New Product

Let’s start by making sure we understand what forced modifiers are.  A forced modifier is used when a specialty item is ordered and SP-1 then requires the order taker to pick an ingredient or modifier from a list. 

For example, in the picture below, we have a whole garden sandwich ordered.  The forced modifiers in this example is for a side choice. The employee would then be forced to select one of those side choices. 

Because you can assign a charge to a forced modifier, this can work as an effective up selling tool.  For example, if I select chips – there is no charge.  Pasta, potato salad or macaroni salad are all items that would have a charge. 

There is another use for forced modifiers however.   Introducing a new product or method of preparation to a customer.  In a sense, educating the customer on your store and menu.

In the picture above, we have an example of using this for education in a coffee shop.  In this example the customer asked for a brewed coffee.   The first forced modifier was the type of coffee being used and this is the second forced modifier.  This is a prompt for what the brew method should be.

What we are trying to accomplish here is the is both up selling our customer and also providing a tool to help your staff introduce new items to your customer.

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