Why POS?

I’m asked this on a pretty regular basis.   Typically it is from someone that is opening a new store and has never worked retail before.  The conversation usually starts with something like ” I know a need a POS but I don’t know anything about them”.

Ok,  let’s talk. . .


A great POS will do a lot for you:

  • It starts by making it easy to train employees and allow them to focus on the customer and the product – not the technology.
  • Controlling costs and consistency.  We are talking about both pricing and portion control.
  • Cut costs with inventory control and waste management.  Tracking your COGS (cost of goods sold) is very important.
  • Track labor cost so you have a better idea of employee management.
  • Track all menu items that you sell.  This is important. What you think is a popular seller might not be what really does sell.
  • Help eliminate theft.  Your employees can be tracked so you know who did what and when.
These are just the highlights but they are a good basis for how SP-1 can typically add a bare minimum of 3-5% to the bottom line.


September 25th, 2012 by