Track Your Best Selling Items

One of the best benefits of a POS system is the reporting.  It’s also one of the items that a lot of people ignore!   So, let’s challenge ourselves to take a look at one of the reports SP-1 has to offer.

We will look at the Specialty Report in the Business Summary.  In order to get there, select the Reports menu, Daily Sales Recap and then Business Summary.   Run that for a time frame (you can run that for any time you have been open after all).   Select Display and make sure the Specialties option is selected.

The pictures below show an example of this report.

This report first breaks down sales by Menu Group: Coffee, pizza, sandwich, pastries.  Then by specialty item:  Latte, mocha, meat lovers, club, blueberry muffin.  Then by the size:  8, 12, small large.

We then show the total sales by dollar amount and quantity for this item by size.  Finally we show a percent of total sales by category for this specialty item.   This allows us to see (using the examples below) that:

Latte accounts for 29.76% of all coffee sales.  Americano only accounts for 1.57% of total coffee sales however.

Ham & Honey Mustard account for 30.34% of all our sandwich sales and the Chicken Club is only 1.03% of sandwich sales.

Using this data we can decide if we need to refresh our menu, push higher profit items appropriately or simply drop carrying them.



February 14th, 2013 by