Time Keeping Reports

Time Keeping

In this blog, I’ll continue to take a look at some of the reporting features in SP-1.   This time, we will look at some of the Time Keeping reports that are built in. 

There are four key reports for the employee time keeping.  

Time Period for Employee:  This report will provide you with the hours worked and wage earned for one employee.  Typically this would be run when an employee is released or special payroll circumstances.   This report shows you the details of each clock-in and clock out period, the wage, hours worked and any overtime. 

Time Period For All Employees:  This is very similar to the above but it runs for all the employees you have clock in / out periods for.  Additionally, this report will allow you to run a summary version that shows you just the total hours and wage for a quick reference.  This is the report that you will typically run for your payroll period. 

Employee Listing:  This report will show you a simple list of all employees and their contact information. 

Job Classifications:   If you pay employees different wages based on the job that they clock in with.  This gives you a great way to see where your payroll dollars are going.

As usual, there are a number of different ways to show this data.  Also, there are some specific switches that determine how these reports (and others) function.  Don’t hesitate to contact us for more details! 

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