2 Things about SP-1 you might not know!

There is so much that SP-1 does it’s challanging to be aware of all of it!  Here are a couple of  things you might not be aware your system does!  Both of these came up recently with current customers so I thought I’d present them here!


1) Color coded buttons.   A great feature in SP-1 is the ability to color code and highlight modifier buttons.   This provides you with a way to visually break up the on screen menu as well as aid the eye in finding specific groups or items.

SP-1 supports ten different colors to choose from for these buttons so you can easily create different groupings of items.
Some examples of different groupings might be using a specific color to separate your milk choices from other items, using two colors to distinguish between meats and veggies and so on

2) Deferred orders. Do you take orders for catering?  What about a customer just wanting to order for the next day?  Deferred orders in SP-1 make this very easy to do!  Get rid of the post-it note system that is too easy to lose and use the calandar in SP-1 to schedule orders.  We allow you to create a quote, assign the order to a customers, select the due and the make time so you don’t miss those big orders.

November 3rd, 2011 by