Tax Rates & SP-1

Tax Rates!

I know, not the most exciting topic!  However, we are asked on a regular basis about how tax rates can be calculated in SP-1.
We have multiple ways to accommodate the taxing of items in SP-1.  Every menu group can be assigned one of five different tax levels and this can also be determined by the order type!  Some examples:
  • Charge 9.3% tax on pizza for delivery and 8.3% on pizza for dine in.
  • Charge 9.3% tax on coffee for here and no tax when it is carry out.
  • Charge 7.3% on beverages and 6.3% on food and 5.5% on retail.
Don’t forget that if you deal with non-taxable customers (church or non-profit), then you can set that up as well by creating a customer profile for the situation. 
For those of you out of country, we support the VAT (Value Added Tax) as well as the Canadian GST, PST and HST.
For those of you in states that require the tax be based on the tax code the customer lives in, we have you covered as well.  Our Use Customer Delivery switch allows you to specify the location zone and tax rate that is appropriate.  This is great when you are charging a different tax based on the location.
Finally, for those of you in states that have instituted a “fee” or tax that is then taxable, we can even cover this. We have a few customers that are in cities / states that charge a unique tax.  For example, drinks incur an additional 2.5% tax and then the ticket is sub-totaled and tax is applied on the whole thing!  I know it seems weird but there are areas that are doing it!
Of course we report all the details here as well!

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