Sticky Receipt Printers

We have been offering the Sticky Receipt printer for about a year now and thought it would be fun to offer a recap on how it works.   This printer is pretty innovative!

The printer itself has the same footprint of most thermal receipt printers.   Where the difference lies is in the beefed up cut mechanism.  This allows the printer to cut through the special paper that is used for the receipt.   This paper has two lines of sticky gum on the back of it.  The key is that it does not require a backing like traditional labels.  It’s more like a type of Post-It note gum on the back of the paper.

Once the receipt for the kitchen or barista has printed, it can be stuck to a bag or cup.  This can used to keep orders together,  call out the customer and to help the customer see which item is theirs.

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July 25th, 2012 by