Proper Quote Times in Restaurants

Order Processing 

How accurate are your quote times?  When a customer comes up and orders product do your employees quote a standard time or are they using an accurate number generated by your POS system?
SP-1 has a great feature called Order Processing that allows you to accurately quote a time to your customer right when they order and also allows you to track your make time efficiency.
With SP-1, you setup a station on the make or food line that shows every item being ordered.  Once an item is made, it is removed from the monitor by the person on the make line.  This allows you to see the total time it took from order entry to order completion.  SP-1 will then provide an accurate quote time on each station that the crew member can provide to the customer.
Another great benefit of this is that you can see how many orders were finished after the quote time!
Our customers that use this system find that they have a more streamlined operation.  So give us a call and see how we can help you take advantage of this.

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