I know, it sounds simple doesn’t it? But, we get questions about printing from people before they buy our POS and after the fact! I thought I’d clarify a little bit about our printers.

We support physical printers and virtual printers! A physical printer is just that – a real printer sitting somewhere in the store. A virtual printer is simply another ticket or receipt that prints out of a real printer.

The reason this is important is becuase it allows for a ton of flexibility. For instance, you may have one physical printer at the front of the store for receipts. Now, you could also create a virtual printer for a barista ticket – this would print out of the physical printer! So, one printer – two tickets. This holds true for a kitchen printer as well. You could have a physical printer that is there for a pizza make line and then a virtual printer for sandwiches and a second virtual printer that has all the items on it for expiditing. This would be three print outs from the same printer.

Remember, you can also specify which items (down to the ingredient level) go to which printer and even by the order type. For instance, we have stores that print all items for delivery or drive-thru to one printer and dine-in / carry out to another.

On top of this, you can print multiple copies of the same ticket to the printer or even specify that coffee goes to one virtual printer and sandwich to another virtual printer.

If you are having any issues with confusion in your location or lack of effiency, call us – we can walk you through setting up a different virtual printer out of your existing printer and help.

For example – If you have Coffee and Sandwiches but one printer.
Physical printer prints:
Reciept for customer
Barista ticket (with sandwich on bottom for information)
Sandwich ticket (with barista items on bottom for information)

Or if you carry Pizza and Subs:
Physical printer prints:
Receipt for customer
Reciept for Driver (assuming delivery)
Pizza Ticket (with sandwich on bottom for information)
Sandwich ticket (with pizza on bottom for information)

Now, in the above you could also simply purchase multiple printers and have:
Physical printer – Receipt
Physical printer – Pizza
Physical printer – Sandwich
Physical printer – Delivery.

It’s all about what makes you the most efficent!

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