Price Tables

Price tables are a great way to help control pricing and make your life easier. Price tables are a way to assign a three digit code to a specific price. For instance, you may want TOP for topping or FLV for flavor. You can then assign that price table to an item.

Where this helps is in the following: Let’s say that we have a string of 20 ingredients/modifiers that all have the same price ($.50). You could enter $.50 on each of the 20 items. The only problem is that if you want to change the price on all 20 items you then have to change it 20 times! With a price table, you put the TOP in the price field (20 times the first time). Now when we want to change the price, we just change the price table once and it automatically updates the menu for us.

Some more benefits of Price Tables are that they are day and time dependant! For example, if you have an item, discount or coupon that only applies on a certain day – use a price table and it will only work on that day. Further, if the price table is on a coupon or discount then the coupon/discount will not even show up unless it falls in that time!

Don’t forget about happy hours! You can set pricing based on the time of day! That will allow you to setup items that are discounted during certain times of the day.

Price tables can be a great way to change your system menu and to make life easier for yourself!
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