PC Charge Support Ending

Verifone, the company that develops PC Charge, has officially discontinued that product.    Our conversations with Verifone indicate that they are NO LONGER SUPPORTING PC CHARGE.   Because of the upcoming EMV change, PC Charge will not be sold or supported. This was a very recent development and SelbySoft has just received the final details on what this means for our customers.   If you have PC Charge as your credit card interface, you will want to transition away from that as soon as possible.

SelbySoft has developed an interface for a new interface for a system called NetEPay.  NetEPay works with most credit card processors on the market.  There are some advantages to NetEPay over PC Charge:

  • NetEPay comes with seven years of support with the purchase.
  • Support is based in the United States and not outsourced.
  • The NetEPay software is similar to our integrated interface and therefore provides a smoother process for taking credit cards.
  • NetEPay is 100% compatible with our upcoming EMV credit card terminal solution.

If you continue to use PC Charge you may not receive your credit card deposit if there is an error.
Verifone has informed SelbySoft that they will not supply support to customers that have issues.   If you receive any errors regarding your PC Charge system (Indeterminate Batch, Database Repair, Archive Limit Reached or Password errors to name a few), then you may not be able to settle your batch.

Please call us with any further questions!

August 14th, 2015 by