On Hold Tickets in SelbySoft

Sometimes it is the simple concepts that are unique.  Take the On Hold button in SP-1 for Coffee & Restaurants.  This button allows you to hold payment on an order until later.

This allows you to handle:

  • Phone orders that will be picked up and paid for later that day.
  • Casual service tabs – customers that pay at the end of the meal when you are not using table service.
  • Customers that place an order but realize they left payment in the car, with their spouse etc.
  • Drive Thru orders when the car places the order and then heads to the window to pay.

On Hold tickets are designed to be closed out at the end of the business day.   If you need to have an customer that is running a tab over multiple days, try looking at our Accounts feature.



January 22nd, 2015 by