New name screen!

Faster Name Search

One of the core differences between our delivery and non-delivery clients is how they track their customers. Most delivery clients track customers by their phone numbers.  This is great but a little bit  inconvenient for customers that don’t do delivery.
Here at SelbySoft, we always advocate that using a gift card and having that assigned to a customer profile is the best way to track customers and speed up the transaction.  Customer walks or drives up, swipe the card, duplicate the order and done.  
But what if you want to pull them up by name?  SelbySoft has always had the ability to look up customers by name but we have recently revamped this to make it easier.
In System Setup | Operations:5 we have two new switches that change the operation of the customer file.  If you wish, you can now default the customer file to start in the name field instead of the phone number.  Additionally, if the name has an exact match, a ticket will automatically be generated.  This eliminates the need to press start ticket etc.
If the name has an exact match, it’s even easier.  The ticket is automatically started right after pressing enter! 

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