Increasing Revenue in Your Coffee Shop

I’m always amazed by some of the techniques that our customers use to help increase revenue.

1)  Sampling – It’s amazing how effective sampling can help drive sales of a specific (hopefully high profit) item.  To do it right you have to track it.  Before you sample an item, run a report for that specific menu item for the last month.  That will tell you how often it is ordered.  Divide that number by the amount of days in the month and you have an average order per day on that item.  Now start the sampling of that item.   After sampling for a few days, run that same report for the month after the sampling – did the numbers change?  If so, continue to push it!  If not, move on to a different item and then evaluate if you need to keep that item on the menu at all.   Either way, you are learning more about what your customer s want.

2) Advertise – Three ways to easily do this with SP-1.  First, create a coupon at the bottom of the ticket that you can hand out.  Even if you don’t usually provide a receipt, this can be something that you do every once in a while and then hand out to customers.  Second, use our forced modifiers to help your employees effectively push that item.   Lastly, and this might require you to spend a little money, setup our order confirmation monitor and use the slide show to entice customers at the point of purchase.

Give a couple of these methods a try and let us know what works for you.

November 14th, 2012 by