Got Cloud? We do!

There is a lot of talk about cloud based computing, storage and POS in news over the last year.   Did you know that we are on top of this and have been for a while? 

Cloud Based Backup Service.  SelbySoft offers, free of charge, a cloud based backup service for every customer on an annual support plan.  What this means is that we have the ability to backup all of your data, tickets, customer files to a central server outside of your store.  This is a great option that allows you to be safe and have peace of mind when thinking about your data.  Did  we mention FREE? 
P.S. We introduced this cloud based backup to our customers in 2007!

Best of Both Worlds.  With SelbySoft you get the best of both worlds.  Secure, controllable data storage at your site and the cloud backup.  What this means is that your data is never held hostage and no internet connectivity problems will interrupt your operations at the store.  

Gift Cards.  You are probably aware that we have a free, built in gift card system in SP-1.  This is stored locally in the POS and does not even require an internet connection to operate.  Now, with the cloud backup you are secure offsite as well.  Interested in cloud based gift card systems?  We do it!  Two different methods of having your gift card systems stored and processed out of the store.  Oh and both are free!

Corporate Reporting.    We can’t forget that our corporate and multi-store operators are taking advantage of our cloud based options when accessing their data from their laptop, home or corporate office!

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