Get To Know Your Customer!

Here is a feature that is easy for us to take for granted.  However, not everyone is aware of it.    I thought it would make a nice blog entry.

Are you aware that you can ask for a name at the end of each order?   This allows your employees to type in the name (usually just the first name) and have that recorded on the ticket.  This can add a level of  personalization to your transaction as well as help your employees become familiar with your customers.

Sounds simple right?  I always like to point out that things are never as simple as they seem on the back end of things.  What if you have already pulled the customer up with a loyalty or prepaid card?  What if it’s a delivery order or phone order?   All of these are accounted for!

If the order has no customer information already and it’s a Dine in or Carry Out, then the name prompt appears.  If there is already a customer attached to the ticket, then the name prompt is skipped- You already have it!

If you are doing a delivery order or pickup order, then the name prompt is skipped and you are instead prompted to enter the phone number for the delivery or pickup order.

By the way, the name prints on both the customer ticket and any internal (kitchen / Barista) tickets.


Do you use this feature?  Do you use it in a different way?   Let us know!


May 22nd, 2012 by