foursquare and facebook places

Using social media for your business?   What about location based specials?

Both Facebook and Foursquare now allow, for free, a location based deal or special that your customers can see.  This allows your store to effectively market to your customers through their phones.  Did I mention it’s free?  

The concept is this:
A customer “checks in” with either Facebook Places or Foursquare on their mobile phone while in or near your store location.  They are then presented with a deal or special that you are offering.  

SelbySoft’s Facebook Deal

One of the most fascinating thoughts on this system is that because it is location based on the phone, your special will show up even if the person is not in your store.  This effectively works as simple advertising for your store as well as a special.

Specials can be setup as show this and get a drink or discount, based on number of check ins, number of people at the location etc.  

More information about Facebook deals at:

More information on Foursquare specials at:

So, what does this have to do with SelbySoft and our SP-1 POS?  We come in after the fact .  . . once that deal or special is being redeemed, make sure you track it in SP-1.  That way you know if it is working! 

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