Decrease Theft with Cash Accountability

Cash accountability is one of the things that sometimes gets a little overlooked when people are looking for a POS system.  It’s one of the key components of any good point of sale however.
What we want to do is keep the employees honest when it comes to handling the cash.

It all starts by deciding who has access to the cash in the drawers throughout the day.
First we can ask ourselves some questions about the cash drawer in the store:
Can anyone access and handle the cash?  Is the key left in the drawer?
Is there a cashier that is dedicated to handling the cash each shift?

The heart of the problem for most stores is that there are just too many people with hands in the drawer.  When the drawer is short at the end of the night – who do you question?
In order to be a little more accurate we must first really lock down the drawer.  Take the key away and assign the drawer to an employee.  Make it their responsibility.   This helps insure employee accountability because only that employee can access the cash. The only issue here is that the cashier may not always be available when a customer arrives and is ready to order.  We solve this by:

Setting the system up to allow only the employee assigned to close out the drawer.  All other employees can start a ticket but only one employee can cash out the customer.
We can also setup multiple cash drawers per order taking terminal.  We support up to five but two is probably enough.  In this case you assign each employee to their own drawer.   Then you know which employee is short and why.

With either method, you will be on your way to eliminating the potential for shortages in your drawer and increasing employee accountability.

June 12th, 2014 by