Dashboard Functionality

I was talking to my support department recently and they explained that a number of our customers are unaware that we have an integrated Dashboard feature in our software!
So, the Dashboard is the topic today. This feature showed up first in early versions of 7.50. If you don’t have it, call our support department and get updated!
The Dashboard is a feature that allows owners and managers to see a quick overview of the stores sales. The screen below is a sample of the initial Dashboard:

As you can see, this is a great way to see a quick snapshot of things! Total sales, tickets, voids etc are all shown on this quickly!

Selecting the hourly detail button provides the screen below:

As you can see, this allows for comparisons from today vrs last week, last month and last year by the hour!

Now, a little known feature on this is that you can use as well. If you highlight an hourly or section you will get the following:

As you can see, this provides you with the sales figures for that hour and the percentage that you are up or down over the last week, month and year.

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