Combining Gift Cards

Another customer inspired blog post!  Deanna from Crema Caffe asked how to combine gift cards this holiday season.


Like a lot of business owners, Deanna has customers with gift and prepaid cards.  During the holiday season, those customers sometimes receive an additional card or two as a gift.  Now the customer has two or three cards in their wallet or purse and all of them have a balance!

Fortunately, SP-1 makes this transferring of balances very simple and smooth.

Let’s assume that our customer is named Phil.  Phil has two gift cards.  One that he has been using for years (we’ll call that Card 1) and one that his brother gives him this year (Card 2).    Obviously Phil would rather only carry one card.    When Phil comes into your store you will take the following steps!

First we check and see how much money is on card 2 by swiping it in Gift Card Inquiry.   We then remember (or write down) the balance.  Then we swipe card 1 as if we are going to re-load it with money.

Enter the balance you remembered – this is how much money we are putting on card 1.   Complete the ticket, select gift card and swipe card 2.  You are done!


What happened?  It’s easy – to transfer balances, we simply pay for card 1 with card 2!



November 29th, 2011 by