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Balance Till

We get a few calls from people wanting to understand the Balance Till better.  So, I thought I’d address some explanations for that report.  Please remember that there are a number of settings with the Balance Till so yours make look different.
Let’s start with the columns across the top!
Ticket:  This is the ticket number for the order.  Remember that a great thing about SP-1 is that we always match to a ticket number.  There is no way to “skip” a ticket number in SP-1!
Amount:  This will show the pre-tax amount for the ticket.  If the ticket was voided, then it is indicated here as well.
Tax:  Total tax for the ticket.
Total:  The total on the ticket after tax.
Cash Tender:  This field is the actual dollar amount that was tendered.  So if you have a $10 ticket and the customer hands the employee a $20 bill, this will show $20.  There are some other messages that can appear here as well:
  • On Hold:  This will show for any ticket that is not paid for yet.  The other time this shows up is if there is a credit card or gift card that is waiting for a tip.  
  • Paid Out: If you created a paid out and took money from the drawer it is reflected here. 
  • Original Deferred Order: If you have a future (or timed) order that has not gone through yet, it is mentioned here. 
Cash:  The cash transactions are here.  This column is sub-totaled and then any of the credit card and gift card tips are subtracted to show actual cash in drawer.  Paid outs are also subtracted from this total.
Check:  This shows any transactions paid by check.
Credit Card:  All credit card transactions are reported here.  This total includes the tip amount.  The Type column next to it shows the credit card type (Visa, MC etc).
Account:  This is the account charge or payment made on a ticket.
Gift Card:  All gift card transactions are reported here.  This includes the total tip amount as well.
Order Type:  This is what the order type was (Delivery, Dine In, Carry Out, Pickup).
WS:  If you have more than one POS terminal, then the workstation number is recorded here.
Emp:  The employee ID that took the order is recorded here.
Ropn:  This is the employee that re-opened a ticket and made changes to it.
At the bottom of the Balance Till are some other items –
On Hold Tickets:  This shows the total number of tickets On Hold and the total dollar amount.  Remember, On Hold means the ticket was either never cashed out or that a tip was never applied.
Original Deferred Orders:  This shows all the deferred orders that have not been made and collected yet.  The total number and dollar amount are reported here.  A deferred order is an order that has been set to be made for a specific date or time.
Credit Card Summary:  This shows you each credit card transaction so they can be matched against the credit card slip and totals.
Gift Card Summary:  This shows you the summary of each gift card transaction.
Coupon Summary:  A listing of each coupon used.  The time, ticket number and employee number are shown here as well.
Discount Summary:  A listing of each discount used.  The time, ticket number and employee number are shown here as well.
Because the Balance Till is so versatile, there are a number of configurations.  If you have questions regarding your specific setup just give us a call!

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