April Fools Day

Happy April Fools Day

Everyone knows that SelbySoft has been working diligently on  new enhancements recently. Here are some significant changes that will soon be implemented:

In an effort to help our customers, tech support will be provided from a continuously airborne 747 so we can eliminate time zone challenges.

To save money all our new versions will be in black and white. 

We have now convinced Coffee Fest, World Tea, Pizza Expo, Northwest Food Service, SCAA etc to combine into one super show so all of us in sales are only out of the office once a year.

To cut costs, we will stop providing a picture oriented order system.  (Wait – That makes us like everyone else!)

We are going to move our software to be a 100% Facebook application.  We all know that is where you spend the bulk of your time anyway right? 

We have finally created the fastest order system possible – Coffee will have one button that says COFFEE and the restaurant version has one button that says FOOD.  Pricing is optional. 

 Instead of providing sales numbers, COGS, labor cost etc to your email and phone via MobileDash, SelbySoft will now just send you your employees Twitter & Facebook streams so you really know what is happening in the store.

We have contracted with the American Psychic Association to provide tech support so we know about your problem before you do. 

Our Sales department will be shut down and moved to Taco Del Mar – That’s we all know that is where I spend the bulk of my time anyway.
All of these should take place on February 30th 2012.  

Contact us at: 
Mike Spence
8326 Woodland Ave. E
Puyallup Wa 98371

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