7 Cool Things About SelbySoft’s Gift Card System

There are a lot of POS systems out there.   Making a decision on which one to buy can be very tough.  Especially when it seems, at first glance,  that most POS systems have a lot of the same features.  

That’s why it’s important to dig deep.  Make sure that you evaluate how well the features works and not just that the sales guy says it’s there.  

With that being said . . . Here are some very cool things about the Gift Card system in SelbySoft:

1)  IT’S FREE. . . Of course that is number one on the list.  Paying a monthly fee and a swipe charge just isn’t cost effective for stores that that deal in small ticket items.  If you have to pay $10-$40 a month and $.10 to $.25 a swipe then the gift card system because a liability.  On top of that most gift cards will run somewhere between $.50 and a $1.20 a card.   With our gift card system, you have no fees and the cards are cost effective – think lower end of that scale.  

2) IT’S INDEPENDENT OF THE CREDIT CARD COMPANY. . .Think about that for a minute and you will start seeing why that can be a good idea.   Besides the costs mentioned above, a gift card that is operated through a credit card company will virtually guarantee that swapping from one credit card company to another is as difficult as possible.    

3) IT’S MULTI-TASKING. . . Gift card, prepaid card, customer profile card, discount card and rewards (punch) card all in one.    

4) IT’S PROMOTABLE. . . With our integrated discount system, it’s incredibly easy to sell a $25 card for $20 and track it.   Better yet, you can track how well those promotions are working and duplicate success.

5) IT’S VERSATILE. . . This is where the differences really start to come out. No putting the ticket on hold, no consolidating later on. 

  • Need to buy a drink and a gift card at the same time?  All in one transaction, on one ticket with one cash out.  
  • Need to split a gift card into other cards? Easy.  
  • Need to buy a drink and recharge your card at the same time?  Just as simple.  

6) IT’S MULTI-STORE CAPABLE. . . Have two or more locations?  We can handle it.  SelbySoft has a fully featured Corporate Reporting package that will handle the gift cards between multiple locations.  If you are franchising or licensing and need corporate gift card pooling, let us know – we even have options to cover that! 

7) DID I MENTION IT’S FREE?. . . Yep – free. 

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