6 Ways to Identify & Control Theft with SP-1

Theft is never a pretty things to talk about is it?  We all know that it happens but we like to believe that it’s at the “other guys” store right?

SP-1 has some specific tools to help you identify and control theft.

1) Employee Summary – This report will show you, by employee, a total count of voids over a time period.  This is a great way to identify specific employees that may be involved with theft.

2) Business Summary – This report has a section that shows you the total new and edited voids.  New voids are tickets that were voided before accepting payment and edited voids are tickets that were re-opened.

3) Balance Till – One column on the balance has the employee code that re-opened the ticket.  A great place to check if you suspect something is going on.

4) Dashboard – The dashboard shows the total number of void tickets on the fly.

5) MobileDash – Our MobileDash option ($10/month) will email when voids and no sales occur on the fly.

6) Audit Reporting – SP-1 has a built in “camera” feature that saves what the ticket looked like before and after it was edited.

There you go, six methods of controlling and tracking theft.

July 31st, 2013 by