5 Things to Consider with POS Systems

One of the things I’m often asked about our Point of Sale product is “what didn’t I ask”.   I thought it would be informational to put together a list of 5 things to consider:

  1. Purchase or long term finance:  Here is the key, it does not really matter from a POS standpoint on if you lease or purchase.  The real advantage is based on your cash flow.  Leasing can be a great way to offset the upfront costs on a POS purchase.  Leasing does not affect warranties or support duration however.  Our general rule of thumb is to keep a lease to own under 3 years.
  2. Which credit card processors do you work with?  This is a potential landmine of issues.  Here at SelbySoft we want you to use the credit card processor that you like.  If you are interested, we have a referral for you.  If not, then use virtually anyone you like.
  3. How are gift cards processed?  This is a question that anyone who is planning on having gift cards should ask.  With SelbySoft, the gift cards can be processed at the store level, through the cloud or through a credit card processor.  I really suggest not doing the cards through a credit card processor until you are involved in franchising.  For single store owners, the gift cards being processed at the store level is the way to go.  No swipe fees and no monthly fees either.
  4. Where is the company located? What is outsourced?  Everyone may not agree with me here but I believe that outsourcing is usually a bad idea.  Here at SelbySoft, all of our development, sales, support, shipping etc is done in house.  I believe this makes us a better company as everyone is on the same page.  Consequently, this makes us have a better product as well.
  5. Once I purchase, how does the warranty work?   With incredibly rare, and noted, exceptions,  all warranties start when the equipment is received by you.  Not when you actually purchase.  Our support operates the same way!
  6. (Bonus Question) How long is the initial support term for?  One year!  Really, companies that offer 30 days or 3 or 6 months are doing you a disservice.  If you are truly going to tackle the hundreds of features that SP-1 has, you need a year. Let’s face it, your first couple months with a new POS are mostly spent trying to catch up on the other things you put off while making a purchase.
So there you go, five questions (and a bonus!) that you should ask when you look at your next point of sale software system.
January 9th, 2014 by