What is PerfectCube?

PerfectCube Predictions

SelbySoft is excited to have a full integration and partnership with PerfectCube - a web based reporting and data analytics company.

With a PerfectCube integration, SelbySoft can help you see more of your data. PerfectCube allows you to visually see what is going on with your data in a graphical, web based way. See information about your sales on your tablet, desktop or phone. Best of all, the data is updated on an hourly basis.

PerfectCube can show you much, much more. How about an hourly sales heat map for the week. Easily and graphically pick out what hours are actually making you money and, more importantly, which hours you should be closed.

Heat Map

With our integrated system, you can see how the local weather affects sales, view labor heat maps and even have PerfectCube predict what your sales should be for a given period.

PerfectCube Predictions

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