Why update?

Why Update?

I am asked this on a fairly frequent basis.  With all the computers and software that we use on a regular basis, it seems like there is always something that has changed or needs updating.

It’s enough to make you think that you spend half your time updating!

The answer (speaking of POS software)?
Do you have to update?  No.  
Should you update?  Yes, Yes and Yes.

If it were only that simple. . . 

Why?  Why do we create updates and why do we ask you to install them? 

First and foremost it is done to enhance your software.  No industry or product can remain the same over the years and still be pertinent.   Let’s face it, are you still operating your store exactly the same way you were in 1990 or even 2000?   That’s before Facebook, Twitter, Blogging, Social Media, Free Marketing online, and a ton of other things. 

Over the years we have learned that our customers needs and the industry itself changes – we try to change with it.   These changes to our software help you remain current and provide you with tools to help compete.
Examples of this are:
Revamp of the gift card system – Easier to use, redeem up to 5 gift cards, etc.
Birthday notifications – alert the staff that the birthday has come up. 
Hands Free marketing – automatic email marketing on a monthly basis. 
MobileDash – receive sales numbers directly in email or on a smartphone. 
Increased social media marketing – neat stuff coming soon!
FAST order system – take orders the way customers say it. 
Enhanced reporting – custom exporting to manipulate data. 

Security is another reason to update.  Every year SelbySoft works behind the scenes to enhance the security of our software and to help keep you secure.
Examples of this are:
SelbySoft Transfer program for secure backups – remote backups automatically. 
Enhanced employee log ins – secure passwords. 
Fingerprint id systems – secure logins.
Theft and Employee Audits – controls to alert you to theft. 

What about the legal ramifications?  We all know that tax’s, overtime regulations and PCI / PA-DSS all change over time.  Don’t be caught with a system that is not calculating your numbers correctly because the law or regulation changed!
Examples of this are:
PCI changes – Credit Card industry standards.
Overtime changes – changes to overtime laws in places like California.
Tax changes – multiple states now have updated taxing situation. 

So there you have it. . . A couple of reasons that updating makes sense.  For those of you not maintaining updates on your system, call us – we would love to tempt you with all the new features we have since your last update! 

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