When’s the last time you changed your password?

When is the last time you changed your password?  Want me to guess it?

Is it one of these?

23456                              12345

123456789                  Password

iloveyou                        princess

rockyou                          1234567

12345678                      abc123


Based on research found here.   I might be right.

In Version 7.60 and above SP-1 requires a “strong” password that is 7 characters in length with at least one number and one letter.   Further these passwords expire every 90 days and you are prompted for a new password.   Because you can’t use the same password more than one out of four times in row, you can’t cheat the system by  using the same one.

That’s great but what about those of you on previous versions?  Well, first, get updated!   However, if you can’t for some reason, then please be smart about your passwords!   We all see the stories online of the top 100 passwords etc.    Please make sure you are following the rules for strong password creation even if SP-1 is not forcing you to.

January 5th, 2012 by