January 16th, 2012 by Mike Spence

Paper.  It’s not an exciting subject to some people but like everything, we take it pretty serious.  You would think that we could just buy paper and then resell it right?  Not exactly.

We carry:

Thermal receipt paper (in two sizes).  This is great for printing receipts.  The thermal paper  and printers are quick and quiet.  There is no ribbon needed and that reduces the moving parts as well.

Thermal sticky paper.  This paper is simular to the above but when used with the right thermal printer, has a sticky gum backing.  That makes this perfect for coffee cups and to go orders.

Non-Thermal receipt paper. (in two sizes).  This is the paper for a kitchen or food service.  This paper will not blacken with heat so it can be used around heat lamps.  The printers for this paper come with our without automatic cut as well as a red / black ribbon for distinguishing certain menu items.

Non-Thermal reciept paper in two ply.  Perfect for having one printer make two copies.  It’s a type of carbon paper that allows for a white and yellow copy in one print.

Box labels.  We carry two different kinds.  These are thermal sticky labels that are designed to  stick to boxes or bags.  Perfect for pizza and sandwiches.

Barcode labels.  We carry a line of two different labels that are great for barcodes and retail items.  These are small enough to fit most retail items but large enough to read the price and description.

So next time you think about paper, also think about the fact that SP-1 has the functionality to handle all of these different printing roles (no pun intended)!

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