December 5th, 2012 by Mike Spence

2013 is almost upon us!  I thought it would be fun to review some of the features we created last year:

  • Added the ability to have a clock in /out button at Order Entry.  This was a suggestion we have had for those of you with a single station in the store.  This way your employee does not have to leave the order screen in order to have a different employee clock in or out.
  • Text Your Usual was added to SP-1.  This allows your customers to text the word Usual to your store and have their normal order duplicated and paid for with a gift card automatically!
  • We increased the amount of items that can go on a ticket to 500 per separate check and 2,000 per ticket.
  • Added the ability to handle tips with our payroll deduction system.  It you are in a hospital environment and they allow payroll deductions, call us!
  • Made a change to the Order Confirmation monitor system to all the total field to show up sooner in the order.
  • Made some changes to the QuickBooks interface to handle multi store operations better.
  • Updated our PCI / PA-DASS compliancy.
  • Added the ability to utilize a tablet for order taking.
2013 will bring some new exciting changes for our software!

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March 6th, 2012 by Mike Spence

SP-1 has a new feature involving the Time Clock.   This feature comes from customer suggestions we have received over the last year or so.

This feature allows your employees to clock out or in while the system is still in Order Entry.   Currently, if you want to clock in or out on an order taking station, the employee has to exit to the logo screen, then allow the other employee to clock in or out.  Then the original employee has to log back on to the system and enter Order Entry to be able to take the next order.  This can be a little slow in some cases.

In the future, a Time Clock button (see picture) will show up in Order Entry at the bottom right hand corner.  This will only show up when you are not in the middle of an order and cannot be done by the person that is currently logged in.   Additionally, there is a switch in System Setup Operations 4 that controls this ability for people that don’t want to activate this.


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