Routine POS Maintenance

Let’s face it. . . There is a good chance that you don’t take proper care of the equipment you are using for your POS.   Follow some of the tips below to help make your equipment last!
Backups: If you have not asked already, call us and see if you are on our FREE backup system.  This is a cloud based backup that will backup all your data etc.
Computers:  They need to be cleaned once in a while.   Make sure the machine is off and then remove the top of the case.  Usually that is held on with thumb screws or regular screws.  Once inside the case, use a can of compressed air to blow out the fans (be careful to not spin the fans so much that they whine).    These fans help control the heat in the system and are responsible for a number of common computer problems.
Printers:  Your printers are incredibly important.  They are also very easy to clean.  Unplug the printer, pull the paper out and leave the lid open.  Gently shake it while upside down.  Then blow any paper out that you can . Check for bits of paper stuck under the cutter or around any of the gears.  If you have a printer that uses a ribbon, make sure you use authorized manufacture ribbons.  They will make a difference and the generic ribbons can cause damage to a printer.

Monitors – Touch screens are pretty simple. The biggest thing is to check the cables periodically and make sure the cables are tight. Clean the screen by spraying non-abrasive cleaner (Windex or something similar) on a towel and wipe them. Make sure that employees are not using pens or anything pointy to ring up orders.

December 6th, 2012 by