QR Codes – 5 Suggestions

Do you know what a QR code is?  What about how to use them?

Let’s get the definition out of the way first. . . In plain English, a QR code is simply a type of barcode that can be read by a number of app enabled phones (Apple, Androids, Blackberry etc).  A QR code can contain all sorts of information in it.  Most people (and businesses) are going to only use this to direct people to a spot on the web however.

So you see the funny looking square barcode – scan it with your phone and are taken to a specific website.  Pretty simple.

How can you create them? 


  • Alt-PrintScreen (this will copy your screen to the Windows clipboard)
  • Open PAINT in Windows.
  • Ctrl-V (or right click your mouse and paste).  This will past the screen into paint.  You can then select just the qr code and copy to your documents.
  • You can then save this QR Code as a picture and use it in your own literature.


So how can you use these to your benefit?  Here are asdf ideas:

Here is a list of five different QR Codes that all do different things:

1) Take them to your website.  It’s a great way to promote yourself.

2) Take them to your Facebook page!  Let them see your specials, like your page and catch up with the store.

3) If you really want to take it to the next level, create a page on your website that cannot be accessed without going to the direct link.  Then the QR points to that link.  Print that QR code on your gift card and you now have a special of the month page that customers access by scanning their phone.   This example shows how a QR can take a user directly to a specific blog post of mine.

4) Gift card registration.  Lori at Crane Coffee does a great job by having her customers register their gift card.  A QR code on the card itself can take them there.

5) Sell them stuff.   If you sell bagged coffee online then this is a great way to increase sales!  By scanning the last QR code above, you will be taken to one of our customers web ordering system with a bag of coffee already placed! Print this QR code on the bottom of a receipt and a customer can scan and order beans.  Tie it in with a promotional code on that receipt!

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