Pre-Load Gift Cards

Have you ever thought of your gift cards as a marketing and fund-raising tool?  If not, I feel you might be missing the boat on one of the unique advantages to plastic gift (pre-paid, loyalty, rewards, customer profile) cards.  

Most stores receive at least a couple fund raising requests a year.   You may offer a discount, cash, free food etc on occasion to help out your local charity or non-profit organization.    Using a gift card may be a better way to go however.

Because you can pre-load gift cards with a dollar amount, you can easily setup a fund raising card system when asked.  The scenario would play out like this. . . You offer to sell the organization gift cards at a discounted amount.  So, maybe $20 cards for $15.  They then sell the cards for the face value of $20.  They make $5 on each card and you make a potential new customer and goodwill in the community. 

Another great example of using gift cards as a marketing tool is to keep some pre-loaded cards on you as a business card.  A $1.00 pre-loaded gift card works great for friends and associates.   It’s an easy way to introduce people to what you have to offer. 

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