“New” Old Stuff

Recently I have read a number of articles about “new” POS products and features.   I love to hear what others in the industry are doing as it helps push us to make sure we are staying on top of the latest technology and features.

For us, our biggest challenge is how to let people know about all the things we sometimes take for granted.   Here are some of the top items that people are surprised we have already in the software:

Text Ordering – Yes – a customer can TEXT an order into your store and have it show up on the SP-1 POS.  We took that a step further and allow your customers to comment on Faceook or Twitter and place an order as well!  Seriously, this is one of the coolest new things you probably are not using yet!

Cloud based backups – Surprisingly we have been doing this since 2007!  SP-1 automatically backs up all of your data every night at 3am.   If you are on a support plan with us, then this is just one of the free perks.    If you are not for sure if your system is backed up, call us.

Remote access – We have multiple ways to handle this!  Our back office license allows you to connect to the POS from the office.  Or, you can use various FREE remote connection software to connect to the POS.  Finally we have three different corporate options that allow you to do everything from receive reporting at a central location to locking down the stores menu.    You don’t have to do everything from the store!



October 18th, 2011 by