Let SelbySoft BACK YOU UP!

Hopefully, you didn’t just picture the guys from Saturday Night Live with a couple of old school tape backups in their hands.

We all know that catastrophe strikes when we least expect it.  Unfortunately, in some cases, we start thinking about checking for backups after the catastrophe happens.

You may be aware that part of our SP-1 by SelbySoft solution is a daily cloud based backup.  We consider that step 1 of your backup solution.  Step 2 is the store level backup.  Why store level?  Because it is possible for any cloud based backup to fail.   What if your Internet provider goes down?  Even something as simple as a cable coming loose or an employee accidentally stopping the service that does the backup can mean your backup is not happening.

In order to be completely protected, you should be performing a local backup to a CD, DVD or USB drive daily.  Further, make sure you take that backup offsite occasionally.  Backups don’t do any good if they are in the store when that catastrophe happens.

Need help setting up a local backup?  Let us know and we can help you get it going.


November 14th, 2013 by