Gift cards methods

Did you know that the SelbySoft has three ways of handling your  gift card systems?

The first and most popular method is our internal gift card system.  This is built into every SP-1 system and gives you the ability to use gift, prepaid and rewards (or loyalty cards)  completely free of charge in your store.  This method is designed for  either single locations or locations that don’t need to share a gift card between stores.

The second option is primarily for people with multiple locations.  In this scenario, our Corporate Reporting software handles all of the gift, prepaid and rewards (or loyalty)cards.  The cards then will work across all the locations.

The third option is to handle the gift cards through a third party credit card processor.  In this case we primarily recommend Mercury Payment Systems as they have a no fee gift & reward system.   Mercury is a great choice if the store needs to provide balances online or if the stores involved are part of a franchise system.  Mercury has the ability to handle Corporate Pooling between the stores.

March 13th, 2012 by