4 Employee management features in SP-1

Employee management is a subject that comes up often when talking about SP-1 as a Point Of Sale.  SP-1 has  a number of ways to help you stay on top of your employees. . .

Let’s start with the basics.  Each employee can be assigned an individual number and then clock in and out.  This can be done by a code and password, swipe card or even fingerprint id.  It all depends on the amount of security you need.

Every ticket created logs the employee who started it.  That’s right, every ticket shows the employee code used to start it.  This gives you the instant ability to ask the right employee about tickets.  By the way, that’s also recorded on the end of day reports and in our audit tracking.

Assigning security levels.  Because each employee is a unique number you can have managers and employees that have different security levels.  This also allows you to create different responsibility levels based on the employee and not an arbitrary number.

Assigning cash drawers.  Employees can be assigned to cash drawers.  This allows you to better manage accountability and watch cash.

November 17th, 2011 by