Driver compensation in SP-1 by SelbySoft

Do you offer delivery as an option?  If so, you should know that SelbySoft has a number of driver reimbursement options for you to look at.

  • Per Item:  If you compensate based on the number of items delivered, this is the way to go.  This will allow you to setup a price for compensation based on the menu group item that the employee delivers.  For example:  paid by the pizza.
  • Per Ticket:  The most common method of compensation for drivers.  They are paid based on how many tickets they deliver (in the example it is $1.00 per ticket).
  • Percentage:  With this method, you are able to compensate by a percentage (it can differ per employee).  This is a great way to reward an employee who works harder by giving them a higher percentage.
  • Mileage:  When this is selected, drivers can enter the starting and ending odometer mileage of their vehicles.  Employees are then compensated by the mile.
  • None:  Pretty easy. . . There is no additional compensation!


August 15th, 2013 by