Delivery Driver Compensation

What about paying delivery drivers?
In our last post, we talked about different offerings for those of you that deliver and how to charge a customer an additional fee for that delivery.
So what about the driver?  Most of the locations we work with compensate their drivers in one way or another.  With SP-1 you can choose a number of different methods for accomplishing this.

Per Item:  With this selected, you can actually compensate your delivery drivers based on the number of items they deliver per ticket!
Per Ticket: By far the most common delivery payments.  The employee is compensated per run.
Percentage:  Compensate based on a percentage of the total ticket.  This is a great option as you can then compensate different drivers with different amounts.  You simply put a percentage that you will will compensate in the employee master file.
Milage:   Compensate for miles driven.  Another great way to compensate because it is based on distance and can have a different amount per driver.   You enter the milage in the employee master files.  Once this is activated, you can then have SP-1 record the total in and out milage for the employee as well!
None:  If you use a company vehicle for deliveries you may not compensate beyond the normal wage.

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