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November 18th, 2010 by ssadmin
What about paying delivery drivers?
In our last post, we talked about different offerings for those of you that deliver and how to charge a customer an additional fee for that delivery.
So what about the driver?  Most of the locations we work with compensate their drivers in one way or another.  With SP-1 you can choose a number of different methods for accomplishing this.

Per Item:  With this selected, you can actually compensate your delivery drivers based on the number of items they deliver per ticket!
Per Ticket: By far the most common delivery payments.  The employee is compensated per run.
Percentage:  Compensate based on a percentage of the total ticket.  This is a great option as you can then compensate different drivers with different amounts.  You simply put a percentage that you will will compensate in the employee master file.
Milage:   Compensate for miles driven.  Another great way to compensate because it is based on distance and can have a different amount per driver.   You enter the milage in the employee master files.  Once this is activated, you can then have SP-1 record the total in and out milage for the employee as well!
None:  If you use a company vehicle for deliveries you may not compensate beyond the normal wage.

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July 1st, 2010 by ssadmin

Recently, I had a conversation with a customer about his delivery drivers.  He explained to me how his insurance company bills him based on the payroll hours of his employees.

The insurance company bills insurance for employees at $2 per $100 in payroll for kitchen prep and servers and then $7 per $100 for delivery drivers.

The issue that he had (last year and this year) is that the $7 figure on drivers is based on the clock in and out time.  Realistically, the higher insurance rate should only be based on the time the drivers are actually on the road and not based on the rest of the time when they are working inside!

So, the question was posed . . .  How could we help?

It turns out, quite a bit!  Utilizing our XML Ticket export in SP-1, we were able to gather some important data for the insurance company as well as some statistics to help understand delivery.  Over the last year they have had:

A total of almost 7,000 deliveries

Total time on the road – 2,830 hours

Average time of 24 minutes per run

The most important figure was the 2830 hours on the road.  This allowed the customer to show the insurance company that the rest of the payroll for these employees was in house and not on the road.

This resulted in a savings of $5 for every $100 in driver payroll.   The grand total in savings?


So, if you deliver and are curious about what you might be able to save, call us!

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