3 Reports you should look at

Here are three reports that you should absolutely be looking at on a regular basis!

1)  Credit Card Settlement in Reports | Daily Sales Recap.   This report shows you what SP-1 recorded in credit cards.  This report should be reconciled with the report from PC Charge or your credit card processor.   This is the quickest way to insure that batches are processing, tips are being recording etc.

2) Business Summary Recap in Reports | Daily Sales Recap.  Sure, many of you run the Business Summary but you should also be entering the deposit amounts in the fields provided.  Doing this will give you the ability to see how short or over you are.

3) Employee Summary in Reports | Daily Sales Recap.   This report should be run fairly often.  The advantage of this is that it shows you, by employee, the total sales and voids that have been done.  This will help keep track of potential issues with theft and more.
Give these a try if you are not using them!  Feel free to call our support team with any questions.


January 8th, 2013 by