Why Training A New Person Can Be Exciting

I’m training someone new.  It’s a new salesperson for what we call “peripheral sales”.  In other words, his job will be to contact all of our current customers on a regular basis and introduce new products, keep our company relationship going and generally see how things are going.

It’s time consuming and frustrating in some cases.   It’s also a fantastic opportunity for me to re-open my eyes to the things we do and what we have to offer!   I wrote once before about this but it bears repeating. . . Sometimes you have to pretend you are new.

So, take a few minutes and call us and ask what is new.  Really go back to the reasons you bought a POS to begin with and see if you are using them.  While you are at it, ask us about:

  • Hands Free Marketing
  • MobileDash
  • Text Your Usual
  • Online Ordering
  • Sticky Printers
  • Barista Monitors
May 17th, 2012 by