Why Haven’t You Bought A POS System Yet?

I’ve given tons of reasons to buy a POS in past blogs.   Let’s talk about why you, the customer without our system, doesn’t buy one.

First,  I want you to think about all the stores you know of that have a Point of Sale system.   Now think of the last time you went to one of those stores and realized that they had swapped their  Point of Sale system for a cash register.   I’m not talking about a store that has had a change of ownership.  I mean a store that actually decided  that it was more profitable and efficient for them to use a cash register instead of a POS.   Hard pressed to come up with one?  You are not alone.  In all the years, I’ve been working with POS, I can only come up with a very few situations where this has happened and  in each of those, they did it because they had a catestrophic hardware failure and could not afford new equipment.   The owners closed up shortly after.

In my experience,  you don’t buy a POS for because you don’t believe it will help.

I talk to owners that don’t think a POS can help thier operation at all.  In some cases, they might even be right.  It’s a rare occurance however that SP-1 can’t help you be more efficient.   Here are three things that I guarantee  we can help with:

*  Price mistakes.  If an employee has ever rang up an item at the wrong price, then we can help.  You see, the pricing is controlled by SP-1!  This allows you to have your employees focus on other things.

*  Training time.  Simply put, SP-1 is the easiest to use system out there.  Nothing beats being able to quickly train an employee and put them to work fast.

* Reporting.  Without SP-1, chances are good that you either skimp on the reporting you need or that you spend endless hours calculating what your menu mix should be.


This is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg.  Call us.  Ask how we can show you immediate savings that will help pay for your POS and  put money in your pocket.

April 3rd, 2012 by