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Do you know what the Windows Settings section of SP-1 is for?

This is a pretty neat feature in SP-1 that allows you to dictate how SP-1 functions on your computer.

Windows Settings are located in System Setup. There are three switches available and these can be controlled by the station.

The thought behind this setting is that you may not want employees to have access to the Windows OS in the background.

The switches operate as follows:

Movable: If movable is selected, then SP-1 opens in the standard size and you will have the ability to resize the screen, move the window around, minimize etc. This is great for the office station or if you want to switch between SP-1 and another program.

Maximize: If this is selected, and we recommend that it is, then SP-1 takes over the entire screen. There is no option to move SP-1, shrink it or change it in any other way. This is the recommended selection because it does not allow your employees to exit SP-1.

Both: If you select both of these switches, then SP-1 will allow you to move the screen around but will start in the largest screen size possible.

Check Spooler: If you select this, and it should be checked, then SP-1 will make sure that the print spooling is currently running and attempt to sync the time between stations. If your print spooling is NOT running this switch will allow SP-1 to display a warning to let you know printing may not function!

So, there you go. . . A quick lesson on a slightly obscure (but valuable) part of SP-1!

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