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May 24th, 2010 by ssadmin

Backups, Backups, Backups (You Can’t Say It Enough)!

Be honest, you don’t backup regularly do you?  We know it’s tough to admit out loud but experience shows that most of you don’t run your backups.  To those of you who do, kudos and a question – when is the last time you checked it??

Customer opens DVD-RW drive and in place of a backup disk – a music cd.
Customer goes to restore a backup and finds that the disk was full a year ago!
Tech asks customer about backup. Customer responds with – what does that mean?
When asked about backups, customer responds with “we do one every year”!

These are real world scenarios that our support department addresses every day.  These don’t even include the people that have fires (yes it happens), hurricanes (sand and water do not help computers), employees that damage machines (employee quits and kicks the machine over), theft (people steal the whole computer), and so on.    And we all know that when you need the backup – you really need it!  It’s much easier to convince your insurance company with copies of all your sales history readily accessible. 

Are you taking advantage of our Online Backup?  Do you even know it exists?  Did you know it is FREE while on a support plan?  
If not, you are missing out on a fantastic part of our support!  
A couple of years ago SelbySoft thought about this long and hard.  We came up with an online backup and now offer that to every single customer on a support plan free of charge!  
This service allows you to sign up and have your information transmitted from your physical store location to our secure server at SelbySoft.  The transfer happens automatically at 3am every night regardless of employee interaction.  This allows us to insure that in the event of a catastrophic failure (lightning, fire etc) we still have a copy of your information! 
Now, this does not mean that we want you stop doing any backups in the store!  Remember, your SP-1 system can (and usually is) setup to perform a backup on site in two ways.  First, we copy all of your information from the main computer to a second computer in the location and then we copy the information to your cd/dvd backup as well.  These are all great ways to insure you have a full system backup.

Remember – Backup, Backup, Backup! And if you have any questions. . . Call us.

Contact us at:

Mike Spence
8326 Woodland Ave. E

Puyallup Wa 98371

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October 26th, 2009 by ssadmin

For those of you that have the retail control system in SP-1, did you know that you can assign those items to buttons?

For instance. . . Let’s say that you sell gelato or ice cream by the ounce or pound or coffee. Well, it’s a little difficult to barcode that! So, instead of remembering a complicated sku number or code assign it to a button in order entry! This is a really easy and convenient way to pull up and sell retail items without a barcode.

The way this works is by assigning the retail item to the menu group. Since it shows up as a menu group, it is always on the main screen. It’s as great way to access a very commonly used retail item. To set this up, simply create the retail item and then create a menu group with the name *retail*upccode (replace upc code with the actual code). Then when you select this button it pulls up that item immediately.

While we are on this, don’t forget that we offer the ability to not only barcode items for use with a scanner but that we can actually print the customized barcodes for you through a dedicated barcode printer. This allows you to print the barcodes as you receive the retail into the store.

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8326 Woodland Ave. E
Puyallup Wa 98371

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October 19th, 2009 by ssadmin

Do you ever bill customers for product? If so, did you know that SP-1 has an extensive billing system built into the software. Last week I was talking to a customer that did not know we did this! So. . . .

In SP-1 you can specify per customer if they are allowed to run an account tab. Once this is selected, you will have an account payment button and an account charge button appear.

If you are near a number of businesses, schools etc – this can be a great method of picking up more business. Setup the account so that when that business orders, you can just bill them!

Once someone orders and you are on the ticket complete screen, simply hit account button to
add the total to their account bill. SP-1 will track this for you. One suggestion: In the remarks, enter the ticket number / name of the person running the account. This makes it easier to answer the account billing questions.

Now the business owes you money. The next step in this is the run the billing report and billing cycle. In the reports, you will see all the options for this. SP-1 will even run a bill that can be printed and then folded and put in a windowed envelope. This makes life easier as far as sending the bills.

Once the check comes in, look up the customer and select the account payment button. Apply the payment and you are done!

Hopefully this brief introduction to accounts helps you understand how to use this to capture some of more of your customers business. While these factories and schools like to place big orders, we also know that the accountant and bookkeepers at these places like easy billing systems!

Contact us at:
Mike Spence
8326 Woodland Ave. E
Puyallup Wa 98371

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September 21st, 2009 by ssadmin
Before talking about the quickbooks interface, I wanted to mention that some customers have asked me about how to get an automatic blog update. While you can sign up here, you can also email me ( and I’ll email you the blog each time!
Two things involving the QuickBooks interface today. This interface is designed to provide the basic information from the Business Summary in a QuickBooks import file. The setup is under System Setup and is pretty easy. Basically you will enter the account name as you have it in QuickBooks into these spots. If an account name is in ” “, then it will be treated as a “class” accounting field.

The file is exported through the Business Summary and is saved in the SP-1 folder. The file is always named QBMMDDYY.IIF (month, day, year). Once the file is exported, you can transfer that to yourself or accountant by email, usb flash drive etc.

Now there is a new Reports setup available for this as well. You can now rename the deposit name fields to your own fields. For example, you may want to change them to separate out the Amex from Visa/MC in your deposit. This will then export out to QuickBooks as well.

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8326 Woodland Ave. E
Puyallup Wa 98371

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September 14th, 2009 by ssadmin

I know, it sounds simple doesn’t it? But, we get questions about printing from people before they buy our POS and after the fact! I thought I’d clarify a little bit about our printers.

We support physical printers and virtual printers! A physical printer is just that – a real printer sitting somewhere in the store. A virtual printer is simply another ticket or receipt that prints out of a real printer.

The reason this is important is becuase it allows for a ton of flexibility. For instance, you may have one physical printer at the front of the store for receipts. Now, you could also create a virtual printer for a barista ticket – this would print out of the physical printer! So, one printer – two tickets. This holds true for a kitchen printer as well. You could have a physical printer that is there for a pizza make line and then a virtual printer for sandwiches and a second virtual printer that has all the items on it for expiditing. This would be three print outs from the same printer.

Remember, you can also specify which items (down to the ingredient level) go to which printer and even by the order type. For instance, we have stores that print all items for delivery or drive-thru to one printer and dine-in / carry out to another.

On top of this, you can print multiple copies of the same ticket to the printer or even specify that coffee goes to one virtual printer and sandwich to another virtual printer.

If you are having any issues with confusion in your location or lack of effiency, call us – we can walk you through setting up a different virtual printer out of your existing printer and help.

For example – If you have Coffee and Sandwiches but one printer.
Physical printer prints:
Reciept for customer
Barista ticket (with sandwich on bottom for information)
Sandwich ticket (with barista items on bottom for information)

Or if you carry Pizza and Subs:
Physical printer prints:
Receipt for customer
Reciept for Driver (assuming delivery)
Pizza Ticket (with sandwich on bottom for information)
Sandwich ticket (with pizza on bottom for information)

Now, in the above you could also simply purchase multiple printers and have:
Physical printer – Receipt
Physical printer – Pizza
Physical printer – Sandwich
Physical printer – Delivery.

It’s all about what makes you the most efficent!

Contact us at:
Mike Spence
8326 Woodland Ave. E
Puyallup Wa 98371

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August 3rd, 2009 by ssadmin
Multiple Delivery / Catering Addresses!

Do you do delivery? How about Catering?

If so, are you aware that you can track 10 phone numbers and four addresses total?

This is a great option for those of you that do delivery or catering. For example, if someone orders and wants it delivered to a second address – You can enter that address and that will be the delivery/catering address instead of the main one. Also, by storing 10 phone numbers you can have the customers cell, home, office etc all under the same account.

This works just as well for those of you that do catering. With factories and large companies you can use the multiple address field to make sure that the order goes to the right department!

Contact us at:
Mike Spence
SelbySoft, Inc.
8326 Woodland Ave. E
Puyallup Wa 98371

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July 27th, 2009 by ssadmin
Did you know that you can customize the colors on the ingredient & modifier buttons? SelbySoft has the ability to use ten different colors on those buttons. This can be used to help categorize groups of items. For instance, you might add yellow to all milks or red on all meat items.

Additionally, if you don’t have a graphic available for the button, then the button will show with the words centered and the entire button color coded!

Contact us at: SelbySoft 800-454-4434 8326 Woodland Ave. E Puyallup Wa 98371

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July 20th, 2009 by ssadmin

New 40 Column Balance Till Report.

Version 7.50g and above have a new balance till report available. This is our till report intended for the 40 column receipt printers.
This report will make it easier and more convenient for you to close shifts! Thanks for all the suggestions on this from our customers and for the input. Don’t hesitate to call our support or sales department for more information

7/20/09 7:52a
Shift# 1 ( 4:00a- 3:40p)
Total Sales: 184.64
Cash: 165.75
Check: 0.00
Credit Cards: 0.00
Account: 0.00
Gift Cards: 108.41
Paid Outs:
Description Amount Ticket
100001090 -50.00 0009
100001090 -39.52 0012
—— —
-89.52 2
Voids: 17.95 (6)
Coupons: None
Description Qty Amount
2 3.77
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8326 Woodland Ave. E
Puyallup Wa 98371

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