5 Reasons you NEED a POS

Don’t have a Point of Sale system yet?  Here are 5 reasons you need one!

  1. Gift Cards: Gift certificates and punch cards just don’t cut it anymore.  They leave you open to mistakes, slow your line and service down and provide theft opportunities.
  2. Employee Tracking:  Using SP-1 to schedule your employees will make sure your employees are clocking in when they supposed to.  Employee time is accurately tracked and employees only have access to features they need.
  3. Tracking:  Having  SP-1 allows you to track what is and, more importantly, is not selling.  Use the built in menu tracking to really see how your store is doing and stop the guesswork.
  4. Theft:  People steal.  They steal less when you have SP-1.
  5. Inventory:  Tracking your cost of goods sold and waste can put money in your pocket.  SP-1 can help you do this easily.

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May 7th, 2015 by